Warehouse Management System (WMS)
- General WMS

The demand for speedy information processing and high-level information sharing coupled with attaching importance to supply chain management (SCM) and logistics has been rising. In order to meet this demand, WMS has been established seeking to streamline distribution functions by integrating separately existing organization systems into one package, including order-receiving systems, picking systems and so on.

- Characteristics of GOTSU WMS

GOTSU WMS is a package of basic systems including an order-receiving system, a picking system, an inventory management system (IMS), and a printing system . Upon request, it is also possible to add optional functions like order entry or information disclosure via Internet.

In addition, along with the close partnerships between distribution designers and system designers, GOTSU WMS aims to serve as an advanced operation system as well as to become a transmitter of useful information to its users. Because of our real-world know-how in the distribution field, we are confident that GOTSU WMS will serve as a useful tool.

- System Mode

[Open Data Base]

In order to cope with the changes in logistics environment brought by SCM strategy, GOTSU WMS is equipped with flexible open database functionality, which enables users to develop useful tools. These include;

Analysis and Improvement

Inventory turnover is considered as the speed of management under SCM, thus its management is deemed crucial in business. The open database function enables users to create a turnover-rate computing tool by importing the data from the database into Access software.

For assist function

SCM strategy has brought speedy, but more complicated operation environmental concerns, like cross docking at transfer centers. Under this circumstance, in order to achieve seamless operation and error-free services, it is necessary to use a suitable tool to cope with this environment. By importing the data from the database into Access software, users can develop necessary assist functions.

[Information Sharing]

It is essential to share information among business sections and business firms under SCM strategy. GOTSU WMS allows relevant parties to obtain real-time inventory information by publishing them on a website. The type of inventory information available on the website is as follows;

Expected arrival and shipment records
Arrival and shipment records
Detailed inventory inquiries.

This information is also available in computerized data format;
Excel  ·  CSV  · Text forms

SCM strategy puts importance on the speed of cash. GOTSU WMS records business transactions at real-time basis (user option) and is equipped with an auto fee computing function.

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