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Company name Gotsu Co.,Ltd.
Location of head office 〒553-0003
5-3-8 Fukushima, Fukusima-ku, Osaka-city,
Telephone 06-6458-2551(the key number)
FAX 06-6458-2533
Business category General distribution service
Date of foundation April 12, 1950
No. of employees 861
Paid-in capital Yen 240,000 thousand
Sales Yen 23,921,000 thousand (as of 2002)
No. of cars held 678
Warehouse area 155,125 m2
No. of stores 69 including stores in Tokyo (東京), Osaka (大阪)
Business type [Logistic Services]
Transport (overall JR cargo transport)
Transport by cargo vehicle
Cargo transport service
Air cargo transport
Warehousing service
Transportation service in harbors
Packaging service
Car repair maintenance service
Real estate service
Insurance agent service
General tourism service

[Logistic Services]
Sales of home appliances
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construction service

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