Planning and Operation of Distribution Center
- Planning and Operation of Distribution Center
GOTSU offers various services within a distribution center, in addition to its planning and operation. From making proposals for system solutions to managing wide ranges of products, by using IT system effectively we offer the best distribution functionality for our clients’ needs. We also offer reviews of distribution systems and provide suggestions for improvement as well as offering full support when exploring business opportunities in new areas.

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- Selection of the prospective center locations

We ensure selection of the most suitable location according to clients distribution conditions.

- Solutions for different types of distribution center
  Distribution Center (DC)
We offer various management services within a distribution center, such as management of inventory, inventory inquiries and updates, multiple locations and arrival/shipment records. In addition, by centrally controlling warehouse and distribution works such as data analysis and distribution processing, we ensure total benefits for our clients.

  Transfer Center (TC)
We collect products from several suppliers in a transfer center and cross-dock them as well as stocking products for package distribution.

[Examples of this solution include]
Major convenience stores, mass home-appliances retailers, processed resin products

  Vendor Managed Inventory Center (VMI)
We offer effective inventory management in following manner; by using shared inventory information,data systems between a manufacturer and a distributor, the manufacturer delivers a certain number of products to the distributors warehouse in advance, obtains information on types and quantity of used products from the shared system, and receives payment accordingly.

[Examples of this solution include]
Major general merchandise store

-Various services provided within the center
Warehousing management Collection of Products Storage of products
Inspection of Products upon Receipt Check up with Products to be arrived  (to be cross-checked)
Inventory Management Selection of Location Inventory Management
Inventory Inquiry Inventory Check
Handling controlled temperature Information regarding orders received, Security proveded for inventories
Distribution Processing Attaching cargo tags to packages Marking prices
Processing Picking
Attaching lavel Detailed classification
Putting different items together Assembly
Dismantling Issuance of slips
Shipment Management Shipment Inspection Issuance of Cargo Tag/Invoices
Product packaging Inquires regarding cargoes
Stock report Freight inquiry
Management of receipts  
Handling cargo related Inquiries

Management of receipts
- Collection, Delivery
  Collection of cargo to a manufacture to a vender
Delivery of cargo to costomer

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